They provide an easy access to the catalogs holding millions of products listings. And by choosing the best ones out of those catalogs & sending them to Amazon, puts the rest of the responsibility on them.

With 7 Figure Cycle. this unique & distinctive course. You will be taught the most effective and quick ways of making money in just 7 steps.

  1. Identify the Supplier.
  2. Scan supplier product listings.
  3. Choose the winners.
  4. Amazon Listings.
  5. Preparation for shipment.
  6. Send Inventory.
  7. Get Profit.
  8. 1. Identify the Supplier.

Pick the supplier of your preference, or you could choose one from the 7 Figure Cycle database. Once you’ve done that, ask for their catalog of products & that’s it.

  1. Scan Supplier products.

After you get the catalog of products, scan it and create short listings, this could be done quickly & in a more conveniently manner by using a proprietary software.

  1. Choose the winners.

From the shortlist of products you created, select the ones that are more profitable. that what we call the “winners’

  1. Amazon listings.

List just those “winners” on Amazon to guarantee high sales.

  1. Preparation of shipment.

Have your products ready to ship them to Amazon. Make sure that does not take you more than 60 minutes.

  1. Send your inventory.

Send the products that you have prepared for shipment to Amazon, so that the process of making your big profits could begin.

  1. Get Profit.

No more to say about this, go ahead & collect the profits for your investment.

In the 7 Figure Cycle Training course, you’ll be given special tips. techniques& tools to complete every step in the best way possible to ensure you get the maximum profits from your sales. You are definitely be surprised at the incredible results. You will earn more money than ever before & 7 Figure Cycle makes sure about that.

What makes the 7 Figure Cycle better than the rest of its competitors is the fact that no one has ever been able to do what they do, which is analyzed & filter all available products in a short time. sorting out the highest profitable products & the provisions for the best opportunity it is what makes it desirable. You’ll be recycling cash as the shortlisted products will sell.

  • Electronic Commerce because of how much it’s emerged in a rapid development in recent years and over the past years it’s expected to massively spread throughout the world. 67% & increasing is the percentage of online shopping through the internet & mobile devices.
  • The latest online surveys say that the percentage of people who make deals online in sales & purchase has exceeded 70% & is still growing.

When you are starting in the e-commerce business there’re many factors that you need to consider.

One of the most necessary questions asked about e-commerce that preoccupies everyone who wishes to join this venture is what product is best for marketing & how will you do it to make sales work in the method you want them. to have purchased.

It is no surprise that the e-Commerce market has a strong competition between importers & exporters. which makes it extremely necessary to select products that have advantages & higher qualities over °them.

Meaning that you’ll have to sell the best product. Importing, exporting, buying & accessing the global market with truly the best products so you will be able to expand. and trade faster. All of this requires a strong foundation for the e-Commerce business that could only be achieved through 7 Figures Cycle programs.

7 Figure Cycle Secrets

7 Figure Cycle it is basically just a pre-packaged business solution for selling products & starting your very own online business. The best-kept secret about it is that you could use it without any prior knowledge/training in the world of online marketing.

You will not have the need to go out and hired yourself a copywriter to work with you or spend fortunes on website design. Instead, you could buy this program and be done with all that & make money in a matter of days/even hours.

As mentioned before, the course was created by top marketers Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth. who have created this system using their distributor’s network in the United States. And what they do is basically offer you access to millions of potential products that are listed in global catalogs. The 7 Figure Cycle system examines the data available & is able to pick and choose the items that are most likely to be profitable for you in the shortest amount of time.

Once you have selected the products. They’re sent to Amazon. and the marketplace does the rest of the work for you. The 7 Figure Cycle Course teaches you how to use the secrets to your advantage.

Some of those secrets are:

  • Finding a wholesaler for the products.
  • Use cutting-edge software to find the most profitable products.
  • Buy the product & sell it for a profit.
  • Send the product to the Amazon marketplace for sale.
  • Achieve 50 or more profit margin is less than 14-days.

Once you have these secrets figure out. you need to repeat them over & over again until you have become a millionaire. Because the money from the Amazon sales is deposited directly into the account, you will begin the earnings within a few hours of your first sale.