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The market size of Health and Fitness Industry is currently $60 Billion now and it’s still rising at an average speed of 7.5 percent each year despite poor market!

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Folks are definitely going Crazy about bettering their Lifestyles with Yoga and the whole net has only gone bonkers talking and raving about it!

However WHY? WHY is this market “Enlarging” so swiftly?

The Development of the market is majorly Credited to the-

  • Growing speed of stress and stress.
  • Increasing prevalence of fast-pacing lifestyle with zero time left for comfort.
  • Increasing amount of physical and psychological disorders.

Statistics reveal more than one in two adults have been confronting chronic low-back pain, heart disorders, higher blood pressure along with other psychological disorders because of excessive tension and stress stuck into our Lifestyles.

  • Recent reports project that by 2030, over half of those adults (over 120 million adults) are more vulnerable to stress and anxiety.
  • There are approximately 3.5 billion (almost 48 percent) individuals on earth such as adult, children, and teens, that are confronting health muddles in another way, emotionally or physically.
  • Cardiovascular diseases [CVDs] are the number 1 cause of death globally: more people die annually from CVDs than from any other cause.
  • An estimated 21.7 million individuals died from CVDs in past 3 decades, representing 35 percent of global deaths. All these were all resulted because of extreme anxiety, anxiety and pressure.
  • Recently it’s been discovered that the mortality rate as a result of psychological ailments has steeply increased by 22 percent.
  • More than 8 million deaths can be prevented if people with mental illness should happen to die at precisely the exact same rate as the overall populace.

Remember “HEALTH IS WEALTH” (literally)….

  • Yoga can completely transform your character emotionally, emotionally and physically with concurrently enhancing your Health and Career!!!
  • Consider it, Anxiety is an Illness and individuals are looking for ways to unwind, calm out and in precisely the exact same time stay healthy to keep up a steady Work-Life equilibrium!!!
  • Everybody wants to live a healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t fit, it is almost impossible to live a happy and balanced life…

If you are not fit, it’s all but impossible to live a balanced and happy life…

Health is over everything and this is the main reason why this Niche is Surprisingly HUGE!

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  • individuals that are in dire need of remaining physically fit and active.
  • Individuals who wish to get their foot into health market.
  • individuals that are attempting to adapt to some stress-free and relaxed lifestyle.
  • individuals that are having low confidence because of a reason.
  • individuals that are body aware and wish to appear consistently good before the others.
  • Athletes wanting to keep their ideal body without visiting Gym because of insufficient time.
  • Individuals who wish to live a very long and healthy life free of drugs and medication.

Health and Fitness products are for everybody who would like to improve their lifestyle and stone the road they’re walking.

This class covers:

  • What’s Yoga and what are its own Ancient Roots?
  • What’s Yoga Beneficial for your Health?
  • How to Establish Mind-Body Link with Yoga?
  • Different Kinds of Yoga
  • Yoga Poses
  • Intro to Meditation with Yoga
  • Types of Yoga Meditations
  • Yoga Treatments for Common Illness
  • Yoga – Specific to kill Depression
  • And Much More…. .

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